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            Application of frozen meat dicing machine liquid conveying parts in sausage processing equipment is more, for such parts, daily cleaning requirements, with water repeatedly in the pipeline to ensure the quality of cleaning.


            In conclusion, the maintenance work of the sausage processing equipment transmission system emphasizes cleanliness, lubrication, frequent inspection, frequent cleaning, frequent cleaning and frequent replacement. The transmission system is always in good working condition.


            Frozen meat dicing machine, rotary bearing and sliding friction surface to use food grade grease to lubricate, but does not allow the lubricating oil into food.


            Meat dicing machine cleaning, check and ensure that the seal is good effect, the transmission system maintenance job.



            Transmission parts in direct contact with meat and meat dicing machine needs regular removal, cleaning and disinfection, it needs to check the degree of wear, such as wear change in time.


            1, before operation, the equipment is placed on the horizontal ground to ensure that the machine is placed smoothly and reliably; it is sure that the contact plug is in good contact, no loosening and no water trace.


            2, check whether there are foreign objects in the rotary barrel or conveyor belt, such as the foreign objects must be cleaned up so as not to cause the tool damage.


            3, operation and adjustment. According to the processed dishes, we choose the cutting mode. The centrifugal slicer is used for slices of hard potatoes, and the vertical part can be processed into various shapes such as blocks, diamonds, rhombus and so on.


            4, install the vertical knife, rotate the adjustable eccentricity wheel first, make the tool carriage reach the bottom dead center, and then raise the tool holder up to 1-2 millimeters, so that after the vertical cutter contacts the conveyor belt, the fastening nut can fasten the vertical knife on the tool carrier. If the height of the knife lift is small, the vegetables may be connected with the knife, and if the height of the tool holder is too high, it may be able to cut the conveyor belt.


            The company serves the customer in all directions, with the high quality, the reasonable price and the perfect after sale service and the customers to advance hand in hand, and develop together. Quality assurance, welcome to consult the negotiation.

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