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            However, during the slicing process, the operation of the slicing machine still needs the cooperation of related parts. Do you know what parts are mainly included? What are the functions of these accessories? First of all, the handwheel. In the operation of equipment, users can operate by rotating the handwheel. After design optimization, the operation is more relaxed and labor intensity is greatly reduced.


            In practical applications, frozen meat slicing machine can directly use disposable blades, and wide and narrow disposable blades can be used, so the whole operation process is very convenient and simple. Besides, the cutting accuracy of the new frozen meat slicing machine is very high at present, and has high automation level, which is very convenient for slicing.



            For slicer, a very important accessory is knife rest. Because of the requirement of different slicing, some tools have lateral movement function, so that the blade length can be fully utilized.


            It also includes locking system and storage tray. In the frozen meat slicing machine, the single hand operated handwheel lock can easily lock the handwheel on the upper part, and the second handwheel lock can lock the handwheel to any position.


            The storage disk is usually installed at the top or side of the device, so that it is convenient for the use of common tools. There are also some tool holders with red hand guards, covering the full length of the blades to ensure safety, and effectively protect users when slicing and replacing wax blocks.


            In order to ensure the user's use, the frozen meat slicer usually completes a series of precision requirements and performance tests before entering the market, so as to ensure the smooth operation and faster operation of the frozen meat slicer.


            The company serves customers in an all-round way, and works together with customers to advance together with quality, reasonable price and perfect after-sales service. Quality assurance, welcome to consult the negotiation.

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