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            In fact, the slicer is a kind of machine which can cut the object into uniform and thin. It is often used in the material processing industry, such as medicine, food and so on. It also needs to be used in the papermaking industry, which will help it to carry out the next process. The main uses are as follows:

            食品切片一般是指牛羊肉切片、紅棗切片及山楂切片等,需要把原材料切成一片一片相同大小。常用的食品切片機需要具有結構緊湊、外形美觀、操作簡便、效率高、耗電小等特點,還要滿足易清潔好保養、安全衛生,切片效果均勻并可自動成卷狀等加工需求。切菜機安裝調試 總的來說,就是通過利用機體鋒利的切面,將物體和材料按照一定的比例或者寬度切成同等規格的一片一片。

            Food slicing usually refers to slices of beef and mutton, jujube slices and hawthorn slices. The common food slicer needs the features of compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy operation, high efficiency and low power consumption. It also needs to meet the requirements of easy cleaning, good maintenance, safety and health, uniform slice effect and automatic roll forming. In general, the cutting machine is to cut the object and material into one piece of the same size according to a certain proportion or width by using the sharp cutting surface of the body.



            1. use the grounding wire before using. Place the machine on the dry and ventilated level ground; ensure that the machine works smoothly and reliably.


            2. check the parts before use. Whether the fasteners are loose during transportation. Whether switch and power are damaged during transportation. Whether there are foreign objects in hopper or box?


            3 cutter adjustment, cutting knife and low knife edge gap 0.5mm-1mm is the best, too near easy to damage the tool; too far away vegetable cutting effect is not good.


            The highlights of this article are from the detailed slicing slicing machine. Please click on our official website: http://www.elimoye.com thank you for coming.

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