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            The size of the dish is reduced: the eccentric wheel can be adjusted by rotation, so that the opening of the groove is upward, and the eccentric screw can be loosened, and the eccentric screw can be moved to the center direction of the eccentric wheel.


            The vertical knife is used to cut off the soft vegetables of the stems and leaves, and to cut the slices of the centrifuge slicing mechanism into the required sizes of silk or curve, block, Ding, rhombus and so on. The cutting of different kinds of dishes requires the installation of the corresponding vertical knife.



            When the product is out of factory, it will be installed at random, and other specifications of the tool (straight knife, diamond knife, curve knife, square knife) can be customized according to the needs of users.


            The size of vertical cutting vegetables can be adjusted arbitrarily at 1-25mm, and the required size can be obtained by adjusting the adjustable eccentric screws.


            The blade is fixed on the wall of the material barrel, and the blade has 0.5-1mm clearance with the bucket tray. The thickness of the slice can be obtained by adjusting the screws on both sides of the movable plate, and the nut is adjusted after fastening.


            Vertical knife speed is selected according to the size of cut vegetables and vegetables. When cutting the filaments, choose high speed, coarse wire and cut vegetables are large in size, then select speed and high speed in turn.


            Tension of the triangle belt: adjust the rear of the machine, adjust the screw to rotate with clockwise rotation. The cutting mechanism is tightened, and the nut of the motor plate can be adjusted to achieve tensioning purpose.


            1. If you don't use vegetable chopper or fruit and vegetable cleaning machine for a long time, please place it in a dry and ventilated place.


            2. Every time after use, it should be cleaned in time to ensure cleanliness and ensure that there is no residue of ingredients, materials and residues.


            3. Regularly lubricate key parts and screws. In view of the particularity of this food machinery, oiling can be lubricated with high quality olive oil.


            4, regular inspection of key parts, good maintenance, good machinery, no one careful maintenance, life will not be long after all.


            The above is the Chopin cutting machine today's sharing, are you satisfied, welcome to our website: http://www.elimoye.com and pay attention to our products, we will provide you with excellent products, sincerely wish to establish a cooperative relationship with you.

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