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          1, adjust: when adjusting, first loosen the copper nut tightly, then rotate the nut to adjust the thickness of the copper column. After the thickness is adjusted, the nut must be tightened with the copper column. If the knife plate is parallel to the blade, do not turn on. The knife plate must be cut below the blade. The thickest adjustment is about 3mm, and the thinning is stepless.
          2, replace the blade: insert the six side handle into the side hole of the machine. Turning can adjust the direction of the disc and then change the knife. When changing the knife, release the two six angle screws of the blade and insert the blade to replace it.

          The chop cutter is a machine that cuts thin and uniform tissue slices. The tissue is supported by hard paraffin or other material, and the required distance is pushed forward automatically (direction of the knife) by cutting the slice thickness each time. The gradient of the thickness is usually 1 microns. When paraffin embedded tissue is cut, a plurality of slices are made by adhering to the wax edge of the previous section.
          Cautions for CHICING and cutting machine
          1, knife basin often rub oil, so as to avoid sticky dirt. If there is food left behind and fine fragments, this shows that the softening is not good or the blade is not sharp, so it must be replaced or sharpened. It is too thin to cut.
          2. Sliced sticky food with water cut on the surface.
          The machine is equipped with a single phase motor, with high grade bearings and four blades on the knife plate. The speed ratio is slow and the slice efficiency is high. The slice thickness can be adjusted, and it is widely used in the food processing field and so on. The machine has the characteristics of small volume, high efficiency, simple operation, exquisite and beautiful appearance, that is, electricity saving and safety.
          We have been the quality first, customer first, as our service tenet, we strive to provide you with satisfactory service, we sincerely welcome you to this company inspection, selection, hope that we have a good opportunity to cooperate to create a win-win situation together!

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