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          The chop cutting machine is mainly suitable for processing various root and stem vegetables into square and cuboid shapes in dehydrated vegetables, quick-frozen vegetable processing plants and food pickles industry. The meat cutting machine mainly consists of a base, a shell, a dial, a vertical knife, a wire cutter body, a transverse cutter body, a transmission system and an electrical control system. The dicing machine can be divided into disposable cutting meat cutting machine, disposable fillet meat fillet machine, cutting cartilage of chicken and duck bone cutting machine, cooked meat slicing machine.

          (1) first of all, the cutting machine should wash and clean the cut material. If the cutting material is mixed with sand and mud, the blade and blade are easy to be damaged and blunt. Material cutting diameter should not exceed 100mm, if larger than this diameter must be partitioned.
          (2) press the start button motor to operate.
          (3) the material is cut from the hopper into the hopper evenly and continuously. Under the action of the push plate, the cutter is cut into the required thickness by the slicer, then cut into a strip by the disc cutting knife and cut into a square by the cross cutting knife.
          (4) adjustment of the size of the chop machine: the chop machine is changed by adjusting the thickness of the slice, replacing the disc cutter and the transverse cutter.
          (5) do not put your hands and other foreign objects in the shell when the machine is working, so as to avoid any danger.
          The satisfaction of the customer is the affirmation to us, welcome you to come to choose our company's product, we always think you provide the product as our duty and always insist on doing so. Welcome to your visit.

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