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          We can find a lot of wash-free vegetables when we go shopping in the supermarket. Yes, that's one of the uses of the fruit and vegetable washer. It can be found everywhere.


          In daily life, the vegetables we bought are cleaned at all, but many vegetables are cleaned. It is obvious that our handicraft cleaning is not good. At this time, we need to clean the vegetables and vegetables. It is not only cleaning the vegetables, but also can help to remove pesticide residues, and to help people save too much work. Force, improve the efficiency of the work!
          The machine is made of high quality stainless steel, which meets the hygienic standards and is suitable for clean vegetable processing plants, large food distribution centers and food processing enterprises. Cleaning machine has large cleaning ability, high cleanliness and no damage to the cleaned materials. It is suitable for the cleaning of leafy vegetables and Chinese herbal medicine. The cleaning line of vegetable cleaning line is made of high pressure gas to produce bubbling and water spray double layer cleaning. Usefully separate the sediment, impurities, insects, hair, weeds and other debris adhering to the vegetable and block them by increasing the filter screen. Multi function cleaning machine cleaning process spray and high pressure nozzle continue water supply, water supply can be adjusted, and the customer is sensitive and adjusted according to the quantity of vegetable treatment and cleanliness.
          There are so many advantages of fruit and vegetable washer, I think that is why it is popular, so what should we pay attention to in the purchase?
          First of all, from the function of the selection, on the cleaning machine, the most important is the ozone cleaning function, cleaning machine cleaning, sterilization, disinfection, preservation and other functions are dependent on ozone to complete. Therefore, when purchasing cleaning machines, it is necessary to ask if the machine chooses ozone sterilization principle to finish the operation. In addition, many cleaning machines have the function of optimizing the cleaning flow and active drainage, and also advocate good points.
          The next is its appearance and structure. When choosing the cleaning machine, we should pay attention to the appearance of the machine first, recommend and buy the cleaning machine which is fashionable in appearance, exquisite in manufacturing process and with a certain volume of the cleaning box. In addition, in the selection of the structure, we advocate that everyone should try to buy the machine which is relatively simple in structure and washable baskets. This kind of cleaning machine is not only cheap, low failure rate, but also very convenient in daily maintenance and cleaning.
          The most important thing to choose is to select a trusted manufacturer to produce excellent after-sales protection.
          Thank you for your attention to our products. We have more professional knowledge on our website. We hope to help you.

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