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          Double frequency cutting machine TJ-305 can cut long strips of onion, garlic, leek, celery, kohlrabi, cabbage, fish, dried beans, spinach, banana slices, melons and so on. Cut the cutterhead and cut the rhizome of vegetables, such as bamboo shoots, radishes, potatoes and so on. It is suitable for the central canteen and the vegetable processing industry. Next, let's introduce the maintenance methods and matters needing attention:
          1, usually after the operation must pay attention to the cleaning work.
          2. The lubricating oil is added to the bearing of the conveyer belt regularly.


          3、 此機臺有更好之性能,如果客戶使用時,注意各種保養及操作技巧,它將是一得力助手,須特別注意,勿放入石?;蚪饘傥镉谌肓峡?。
          3, this machine has the best performance. If the customer is used, pay attention to all kinds of maintenance and operation skills, it will be a proper assistant and should pay special attention to not put the stone or metal in the entrance.
          4、 有不正常運轉及噪音時,須立即停止并檢查。
          4. Abnormal operation and noise should be stopped and checked immediately.
          5、 清洗機器時,必須注意用水沖洗時不要沖洗在門的左下角有一個小孔,這是一個接觸通電開關,如沖濕了,必需用干布擦干及用風筒吹干,否則會燒壞。
          5. When cleaning the machine, you must pay attention to a small hole in the lower left corner of the door when rinsing with water. This is a contact switch, if it is wet, dry cloth must be dry and dry with the wind tube, otherwise it will burn.
          6、 變頻器的按扭不能隨意亂按,亂按易壞。
          6, the frequency of the button can not be arbitrary, press randomly.
          7、 注意關門時門的左下小凸出柱必須插入正左邊的小孔,如插不正,則不能通電。在使用進行中此起保險的作用。
          7. Pay attention to the small left and small protruding column of the door must be inserted into the small hole on the left side if the door is closed. The role of this insurance in the use of the process.
          8、 磨刀時可用扳手卸下刀反復研磨。在研磨過程中不能使刀過熱以防退火。
          8, the knife can be grinded repeatedly with a wrench. Do not overheat the knife during annealing process to prevent annealing.
          The above is about the introduction of the cutting machine, want to know more about the knowledge of the cutting machine, we can pay more attention to our website, there are more professional knowledge in the website, I hope to provide help for you!

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