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          800型果蔬清洗機是廠家根據市場需求開發研制的產品,用于清洗蘑菇、芹菜、菠菜、白菜等莖葉類蔬菜以及蘋果、西紅柿、辣椒、茄子、黃瓜、草莓等果 蔬的清洗,去雜、輸送,果 蔬清洗機價格合理,產品堅固耐用,故障率極低,廣泛適用于蔬菜加工行業及廠礦、部隊、醫院、各大專院校等單位的食堂。下面我們看一下果蔬清洗機的結構特點:
          Model 800 fruit and vegetable washing machine is a product developed by the manufacturer according to the market demand. It is used to clean the stalk and leaf vegetables such as mushrooms, celery, spinach, cabbage, apples, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers, strawberries and other fruits and vegetables. It removes impurities and transports them. Low, widely used in vegetable processing industry and factories and mines, the army, hospitals, colleges and universities and other units of the canteen. Let's take a look at the structural features of fruit and vegetable washing machines.
          Fruit and vegetable cleaning machine features:
          1. The use of food grade materials is safe, reliable and pollution-free. The conveyor is stable and the speed is adjustable. The material moves along with the conveyor belt to avoid damage to the conveyor. The noise is small, and it is suitable for occasions with quieter working environment. The structure is simple and easy to maintain. Low energy consumption and low cost.
          2、果 蔬清洗機采用較UV/03水處理系統對清洗水進行消毒處理,有效的殺滅有害細菌,分解殘留農藥;通過活性炭過濾后的清洗水循環利用,可節約80%的清洗用水;采用沖擊波原理能夠將蔬菜瓜果表面沖洗干凈,提高50%以上的工作效率,節省了人力。

          2. Fruit and vegetable washing machine uses UV/03 water treatment system to disinfect the cleaning water, effectively killing harmful bacteria, decomposition of pesticide residues; through activated carbon filtered cleaning water recycling, can save 80% of the cleaning water; the principle of shock wave can be used to wash vegetables, melons and fruits surface clean, increased by more than 50% of the work. It is efficient and saves manpower.
          3. It can be linked with various devices to achieve full automation pipelining.
          The structure of fruit and vegetable washing machine:
          The main structure of fruit and vegetable cleaning machine is mainly composed of rack, conveyor belt, water tank, sprocket, drain pipe, water inlet pipe, pipeline pump, ozone generator, ultraviolet treatment system and other components.
          The machine is made of stainless steel materials and non-toxic corrosion-resistant materials. It is durable and prolongs the service life of the machine.
          The above content is provided by fruit and vegetable washing machine. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to our website: http://www.elimoye.com. There are more exciting content in the website. I hope you can help!

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