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            Slicer refers to a machine that processes various root and stem vegetables into blocks and cuboids in soft food raw materials such as dehydrated vegetables, quick-frozen vegetable processing plants, jelly fairy Carola honey, food pickles and so on.
            The cutting part is composed of a cutter, a set of circular cutter axes and a set of transverse cutter axes. By changing the circular and transverse tool shafts and adjusting the thickness of the slices, the conversion of cutting with different sizes can be realized.
            When the cutting machine works, it drives the material disc drive to reduce the object to rotate at high speed. With the help of the centripetal force of the object, the blade cutter (vertical knife) cuts the object into pieces, then cuts the material into strips through the disc cutter, and cuts the material into cross cutter, fork cutter into the required multi-dimensional data sets or cuboids.
            Cutting and Cutting Machine

            Cutting and Cutting Machine
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