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              The purpose of the slicer is to slice all kinds of vegetables. The thickness of the slicer can be adjusted within a specific range. The part of the vertical knife can grind the soft vegetables or the badly sliced slices into various shapes, such as dice, rhombus, etc. with different specifications. The main components of the slicer are frame, belt, pressing belt, slicing mechanism, speed control box or wheel speed control mechanism. The length of cut vegetables has been changed arbitrarily in a certain range through "adjustable eccentric". Because the vertical knife imitates the principle of cutting vegetables, grinds the smooth lubricant on the surface, and forms regular, the cut vegetables are complete and firm and delicate.
            The slicer uses the structure of half moon knife disc and half moon cooking disc. It does not need to change the blade. It only needs to use different hoppers. It can pause the slicing or slicing work with the plate moving reversing switch. It is an ideal kitchen equipment for slicing or slicing vegetables such as radish, potato, jielantou and sweet potato.

          As a kind of food machinery, the slicer often knows all kinds of food and materials, among which there are acid and alkaline ones. These chemicals produce all kinds of levels of corrosion to the main parts of the slicer and the fruit and vegetable cleaner, especially when it is dark and humid in Meiyu, which makes it more and more difficult for the parts and equipment to show problems You need to prepare the following points:
            1. In case of no application of vegetable cutting machine or fruit and vegetable washing machine in a short time, please put it in the center of tedious and daylighting.
            2. After each application, it needs to be cleaned immediately to ensure disinfection and no food materials, materials and residues.
            3. Oil the key parts and screws regularly. Due to the particularity of the food machinery, the low quality olive oil can be suspended and smoothed.
            4. Regular inspection of key parts, preparation for maintenance work, and once again poor machinery, without careful maintenance, the application life will never be long in the end.

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