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          Frozen meat slicer can cut frozen meat directly without thawing during processing, which saves the time of thawing of frozen meat and avoids meat pollution caused by thawing. It is mostly used in meat processing enterprises. Today, let's learn how to operate the frozen meat slicer!
          1. First, turn on the switch under the power indicator.
          2. Since the machine can only be started normally when the cylinder cover and front door are closed, we need to check before use.
          3. Press the start button, the cutting drum starts to rotate and turn on all electrical and pneumatic control.

          4. Put the flat surface of frozen meat to be processed down into the feeding channel, then press the feeding button, and the pusher starts to push the meat forward to cut together.
          5. Adjust the timer according to its own conditions, the pusher can push and return automatically.
          6. The speed of the pusher can be adjusted by the throttle valve 2 located at the rear of the machine, but the feeding speed cannot be too fast.
          7、要徹 底中止機器可按下中止按鈕,機器將徹 底中止。機器中止后不要立即打開頂蓋及前門,應等切割滾筒徹 底中止后才能打開。
          7. To stop the machine completely, press the stop button and the machine will stop completely. Do not open the top cover and front door immediately after the machine is stopped, but wait until the cutting roller is completely stopped.
          8. Before use, check whether there is any defect in each part of the machine, and then clean the frozen meat grinder.
          9. Turn on the power. If the power light is on, it means that the wiring is correct. Pay attention to the grounding.
          10. Start the machine, put the frozen meat cut into small pieces into the material box of the frozen meat grinder. The frozen meat pieces are sent to the cutter by the feeding auger for cutting. When the meat particles are smaller than the hole diameter of the orifice plate, they can be discharged from the orifice plate.
          11. It is strictly forbidden to put meat pieces with bones or other sundries into the frozen meat grinder to prevent damage to the equipment; Do not put your hand into the frozen meat grinder to prevent accidents.
          12、使用后應徹 底清洗凍肉絞肉機的各個部件。
          12. All parts of the frozen meat grinder should be cleaned thoroughly after use.

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