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          The use of crystal slicer greatly accelerates the work progress. The equipment can be used for many purposes. The cutting size can be adjusted according to different needs, which is convenient and fast. With a safety system to protect the personal safety of the staff.
          The whole body is made of good stainless steel, which meets the food standard. The design is thoughtful, the structure is reasonable, and the service life of the machine is very long. Although the safety system has been set up, we still need to be careful when using it to protect our own safety and protect the machinery from damage.

          At present, in the industry, the crystal slicing machine instead of human cutting, the overall automation, very convenient to save a lot of time, due to frequent contact with various boring, so we should improve its wear resistance. When using the equipment, the cutting tools should be sprayed well.
          Maintenance work should be done well before work. Newly installed gears are easy to loose and should be checked frequently. Pay more attention to whether the parts of the crystal slicer work normally, and replace or repair the parts in time if there is any problem. After work, do a good job in daily maintenance, clean up the impurities and wipe the water with your hand.

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