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          When the slicer is working, it will run at high speed, which will not only make the bearing of the slicer bear great pressure, but also make it easy to be damaged after long-term use. Therefore, we should learn how to replace the bearing. If it is broken, the user can use small pliers to remove it. If there is a roll failure, we need to knock it from the direction of the switch before we can remove the roll

          We can easily do this as long as we have experimented twice. Of course, if you feel troublesome, you can find professionals to deal with it. When you replace, you must do it in the correct order. Remove the things and then install them. In this way, you can avoid sequence errors, resulting in the failure of the machine to work normally. This is easy for some novices.
          In addition, the accessories that are easy to lose are the cutting tools. The cutting tools should cut medicinal materials quickly and efficiently every time. This is a huge test for the blade, and it is also the most problem prone part in the slicer. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether there is a problem with the blade at ordinary times. If there are problems such as inclination, you should pay more attention to correction when using it, and grind it more to keep it sharp.

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