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          The operation principle of the slicer is also very simple. It is to use the cooled drum to flake the materials that will condense and crystallize, then scrape them with a sharp blade, and then Shovel them out according to the corresponding size. In this way, it can be well used for production or corresponding activities.
          This equipment has many applications in our life, and there are many kinds of it. There is also a slicer for condensation crystallization, and a drum slicer is used. This slicer is mainly composed of drum, frame, blade, transmission part, casing, etc. it uses the drum to operate and play the role of a flywheel, and then shovel irregular pieces through the blade to slice quickly.

          To say the blade matched with the equipment, or what material is cut, because the blade and slicer corresponding to different materials are different. The blade materials include: copper, stainless steel, manganese steel, tetrafluoroethylene, bakelite and steel strip. Each suitable blade is selected according to the hardness and chemical characteristics of different substances.
          The outer package of the slicer is stainless steel, so we should pay special attention not to use too sharp or hard things to touch its surface in order to avoid scratching. If it is necessary to clean the slicer products after a period of use, the staff should remove the fixed screws at the same time, so as to avoid danger or damage to the equipment when removing one screw.

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