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          The slicer is a machine for cutting thin and uniform tissue slices. The tissue is supported by hard paraffin or other substances. Each time, the slicer automatically advances the required distance forward (towards the direction of the knife) by means of the slicer thickness. The gradient of the thickness is usually 1 micron. When cutting paraffin embedded tissue, it is made into slices of multiple slices due to adhesion with the wax edge of the previous slice.
          The working principle of the slicer is relatively simple, that is, by using the sharp cutting surface of the slicer, the objects and materials are cut into pieces according to a certain proportion or width, so as to be suitable for production or meat cutting or other purposes.

          Now the slicer is generally a transmission structure of a gearbox, and the working efficiency has been greatly improved. In order to ensure the service life of the slicer, manufacturers will add appropriate grease to the slicer gearbox for lubrication assistance, so as to reduce the noise during the operation of the slicer, prolong the service life of the slicer and ensure the product quality.
          潤滑脂同時要具備優良的降噪音性能,尤其重要的是切片機作為食品機械,其使用的潤滑油脂有嚴格的食品安 全標準,國家在這方面也對食品的安 全衛生問題嚴格審查把控,所以切片機齒輪箱使用的潤滑脂必 須是符合國際食品安 全衛生標準的食 品 級潤滑脂。
          At the same time, the lubricating grease should have excellent noise reduction performance. In particular, as a food machinery, the lubricating grease used by the slicer has strict food safety standards. In this regard, the state also strictly examines and controls the food safety and health issues. Therefore, the lubricating grease used in the gearbox of the slicer must be food grade grease that meets the international food safety and health standards.

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