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          1. The Dicer can process vegetables and fruits. According to the process requirements, it can also cut, shred, strip and slice slightly frozen meat and cooked meat;
          2. Simple operation, reasonable design, adjustable knife speed and automatic pre compression system to ensure the accuracy of six surfaces of fruits and vegetables;
          3.保證產品高質量,可滿足多種狀態原料肉產品的切割均勻 ;
          3. Ensure the high quality of products and meet the uniform cutting of raw meat products in various states;
          4. Compress the product to a large extent before cutting, and the cutting speed is 50-120 times / min;
          5. The reasonable hydraulic mechanism saves space, and the machine parts can be easily removed to clean the residue in the gap of the machine.
          6. Imported blades are selected, with sharp edges, strong toughness and high service life; Imported electrical parts are selected, which are stable and reliable; The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel and plastic, which meets the requirements of HACCP; Stable performance and very low failure rate.

          Product features:
          1. Adjust the cutting thickness knob, and the meat Dicer will change the pushing speed of the meat push rod to meet the requirements of different cutting thickness.
          2. By adjusting the pre pressure knob, the meat cutter can ensure the consistency of the product in the cutting process.
          3、調整肉料推桿為步進運動,鮮肉切丁機采用單刃切割時可 大限度地減少在切割過程中對產品的擠壓。
          3. Adjust the meat push rod to step motion. When the fresh meat Dicer adopts single edge cutting, it can greatly reduce the extrusion of the product in the cutting process.
          4. The cutting groove side of the fresh meat Dicer adopts a movable side pressing mechanism, which is convenient for feeding and improves the working efficiency.
          working principle:
          1. The machine is mainly composed of a base, a fresh meat Dicer casing, a dial, a vertical knife of the fresh meat Dicer, a wire knife body, a horizontal cutting knife body, a transmission system and an electrical control system. The parts are made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy to ensure that they are not rusted during long-term operation.
          2. The dial of this machine drives the high-speed rotation of the cut object. Using the centrifugal force of the object, the small poultry cutter cuts the cut object into pieces with the help of the vertical knife, then cuts it into strips through the disc cutter, and sends the cut material to the transverse cutting edge. The small poultry cutter has the transverse cutting knife to cut the required cube or cuboid.
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