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            Dicing machine and car is the same, after a period of time to do maintenance maintenance, change the oil filter replacement, it is in order to let the car after we can better service trouble, dicing machine is the same way. Daily use of dicing machine note


            1, the device vertical knife, first rolling can adjust the eccentric wheel, make the tool rest to the bottom dead center, and then raise the tool holder up to 1-2 millimeters, so that after the vertical knife and the conveyor belt touch, the fastening nut fasten the vertical knife on the tool carrier. If the height of the knife lift is small, the vegetables may be connected with a knife, and if the height of the tool holder is too high, it may cut the conveyor belt.


            2, operation and adjustment should be cut according to the type of processed vegetables. Centrifuge slicing machine is used for slices of hard potato slices, and some vertical blades can be processed into different shapes such as standard blocks, diamonds, rhombus and so on.



            3, check whether there are foreign objects in the rotary material or conveyor belt, for example, it is necessary to clean and clean the foreign objects, so as to avoid the tool damage.


            4, before the operation, the equipment is placed on the horizontal ground to ensure that the machine is placed smoothly and firmly; it is determined that the device plug has excellent touch, no loosening and no water trace.


            In this paper, by dicing cutting machine to provide you, our website is: http://www.elimoye.com we will provide higher quality service to serve the enthusiasm for you, welcome your visit!

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