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            What problems should we pay attention to when we are sharpening the knife? Under normal circumstances, frozen meat slicer knife blade should be kept straight lines between two flat cutting surface. For example, a sharp slicing knife can cut the paraffin section to 2 microns, and it can achieve continuous stripe without compression.


            In the process of daily maintenance of frozen meat slicing machine, can grasp the knife skills, will play a very important role. This is because in the use of frozen meat slicer to slice the frozen meat during the use of a period of time, the blade is bound to have a certain degree of wear and tear, so it is necessary to sharpen the knife in time to ensure the sharp edge of the blade.



            If the blade thickness is too large, then it will fail to achieve the desired result when cutting. Therefore, sharpening is a basic skill in slicing technology, and must be exercised and grasped. For sharpening on the frozen meat slicer blade, can use different types. At present, there are many different kinds of grindstones in the market, such as natural, artificial or flat glass.


            The suitable choice of sharpening stone, its size is mainly based on the frozen meat slicing machine with the size and type to determine the blade. In the process of sharpening, we need to add thin lubricating oil or soapy water to play the role of lubrication and cooling. After grinding, the abrasive and small metal chips should be cleaned in time so as not to cause knife edge defects.


            When grinding the blades of frozen meat slicing machine, the grindstones used are different, so the final effect is different. If you are using a natural stone, you should choose the texture of pure no impurities and hard inkstone. Usually, slightly soft and astringent are often used for rough grinding, hard and fine sliding can be used for fine grinding.


            The highlights of this article are from the detailed section of shredded slicing machine. Please click on our official website: http://www.elimoye.com, thank you for coming.

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