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            The advantage of the cutting machine is a new type of food machinery developed by advanced technology. When the material is pressed from the feeder to the moving knife, the moving knife cuts the material into a sheet, then the blade is pressed to the fixed plate by the inclined surface under the blade of the blade, and the blade or the square blade arranged in parallel on the plate is divided into strips or grains, and then the dialing plate is made. Dial out.


            The working principle of the slicer is simple, which is to cut the object and material into one piece by the proportion or the width of a point by using the sharp cutting surface of the slicer. It is suitable for production or pharmaceutical or other uses.



            Another is to cut the polymer into particles. This requires a special slicer, which is made up of guide bar, feeding roller, pressure roller and rotary cutter. The working principle is that the cutter disk is driven by a stepless transmission, and the feeding roll is driven by a set of change gears by the knife plate, and the cutter plate is equipped with a number of blades according to the size of the cutting grain. The self changing gear can change the cutting length and the speed of the continuously variable transmission with stripe.


            The slicing methods of different slicing machines are also different. For example, cells or tissues should be treated in the experiment, so that we can observe the experiment with microscope conveniently. Rotary and slide type slicer for optical microscope.


            In the paper industry, slicer is also needed. It is suitable for knife disc slicer, drum slicing machine, spiral slicing machine and so on. The cutter disc type slicer consists of a knife plate, a casing, a feeding slot and a transmission device. The working principle is to use a heavy knife plate to play the role of the flywheel and stabilize the slice.


            We will use excellent and proper services to make customers feel the warmth of family and always regard the safety of customers as if they are like relatives. We will use the natural advantages to create the uniqueness of products, so as to give consumers the unique mood when enjoying products.

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