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            Frozen slicing machine is a necessary equipment in hospital pathology department. It is used to extract tissue frozen sections quickly and provide pathological basis for surgery. The refrigeration temperature of the freezing slicing machine is below -30 and the semiconductor refrigeration platform can make the temperature reach -50 degrees.


            The rocking handle and the position of the knife do not correspond, the reason: the mechanical transmission part of the dislocation, maintenance method: after adjusting the corresponding position, then install the belt and tighten the positioning card, lubricating oil in the friction parts of the movement.



            The temperature display error code F13 and F7 operation failed. The reason is: the cold platform temperature sensor is invalid. The sensor is a negative temperature coefficient thermistor, and the resistance is about 6K Omega at 25 C. When using the P5, the 10K potentiometer can be used to adjust the temperature of the cold table to -40 C, or to pull the P5 plug directly. Except for the temperature of the cooling stand showing "-", everything else is normal, which does not affect the use.


            Then the blade is removed directly from the tool carrier, cleaned and cleaned, and placed in the knife box.


            When we use a slicer, we must be very careful because the blade is very sharp, and if the operation is wrong, it will cause serious damage. It is not possible to contact the blade directly with the hand, nor can the blade be randomly placed in random.


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