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            Disassemble the cutter from the slicer and put it on a rough surface, so that it is not easy to move when grinding. Then a small amount of dilute lubricating oil or liquid paraffin is dripped in the center of the grindstone and evenly spread in order to increase the friction density.


            After a period of use, the blade of the slicer may be worn or passivated to varying degrees. In order not to affect the slicing effect, the blade of the slicer must be grind to restore the good working condition, thus further improving the efficiency and effect of the slicing.



            Then the knife handle and knife clip are mounted on the blade of the slicer, so that the knife edge is moved forward and laid on the grindstone surface, and the knife is roughly located in the center of the grindstone. When grinding, the finger should be kept in the right position to use the force evenly and easily. The slicer is pushed forward from the lower right corner of the millstone to the upper left corner of the grindstone to the heel, and the blade is turned over.


            When turning the blade of the slicing machine, the cutter can not leave the stone, move the knife horizontally, cause the blade of the knife to be at the center of the front end of the grinder, and pull back again. At this point, the blade is turned from above and the knife moves laterally so that the slicing knife is in the original position on the grinding surface. Repeat like this, but avoid sloping and prevent oily fingers from slipping away.


            If the blade of the slicer is damaged, it is necessary to use two kinds of grindstones, grinding large gaps on rough grindstones, and sharpening them on fine grindstones. In order to improve efficiency, the forward advancing sharpening method can be used. It usually takes about 20 minutes to sharpen it.


            A certain amount of water is injected into the cylinder attached to the slicer, and the waste chips are discharged with water; then the water is wiped with a soft cloth or a soft brush with the washing agent. Then rinse with clean water so that the cleaning agent remains.


            The above is the cutting silk cutting machine today to share, are you satisfied, welcome to our website: http://www.elimoye.com and pay attention to our products, we will provide you with excellent products, sincerely wish to establish a cooperative relationship with you.

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