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            The cutting machine adopts the half moon knife plate and the half moon adjustment plate structure, without changing the blade, only using different hopper, and the plate moving down switch can cut the wire or slice work. It is an ideal kitchen equipment for slicing and shredding vegetables such as radish, potatoes, yolan tou and sweet potato. The main components of vegetable cutting machine are rack, conveyor belt, pressure belt, slicing mechanism, speed regulating box or tower wheel speed regulating mechanism.



            Because the vertical knife simulates the principle of manual cutting, the machined surface is smooth, and the molding rules are regular. The registered vegetable tissue of Taizhou company is intact and fresh. Suihua multifunctional cutting machine is a double head vegetable cutting machine, which can work at the same time.

            一頭用于切葉菜類:可切長條狀蔥、大蒜、韮黃、芹菜、高麗菜、大白菜等; 另一頭用于切球根類:可切蘿卜、馬鈴薯、芋類、紅薯、竹筍、泰州公司注冊洋蔥、瓜類、茄子類等??蓪⑹卟饲谐啥?、塊、片、絲、丁等。

            One end is used for cutting leaf vegetables: chopped green onion, garlic, yellow, celery, Korea and Chinese cabbage; the other is used for cutting radish, potato, taro, sweet potato, bamboo shoot, Taizhou company registered onion, melon, eggplant and so on. Vegetables can be cut into segments, pieces, slices, silk and Ding.


            1. Place the equipment on the ground level before operation to ensure that the machine is placed smoothly and reliably.


            2, check whether there are foreign objects in the rotary drum or the conveyor belt. If there are foreign objects, we must clean them up so as not to cause damage to the tools.


            3, to operate and adjust the cutting mode according to the required processing. The centrifugal slicer is used for the slicing of the hard vegetables of melon and potato. The vertical knife part can be processed into different shapes of different sizes, such as pieces, Ding, rhombus, and so on.


            4, the vertical knife is installed, and the adjustable eccentric wheel is rotated first, so that after the knife frame travels down to the lower dead point, the tool rack is raised up to 1-2 millimeters, and the vertical knife is fastened to the tool holder after contact with the conveyor belt. If the lift is small, vegetables may be knives. If the tool carrier is raised too high, it will be possible to cut the conveyor belt.


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