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          The meat cutting machine adopts advanced design. It is mainly used for slicing and cutting of boneless meat, poultry, fish and animal viscera, with good quality and high yield. It is in line with the production demand of small and medium-sized enterprises, and has been favored by many users with advanced technology, excellent quality and the price of being close to the people.
          (1) the meat chopper is compact in structure and beautiful in appearance. It adopts optimized sanitary design to facilitate cleaning.

          (2) with universal belt brake casters, it can flexibly schedule and improve production efficiency.
          (3) the meat cutting machine adopts double-edged cutting, and the upper and lower two groups of cross knives are used for processing meat without damaging the food fibers.
          (4) the tissue is freshly cut, so that its products are uniform and uniform in thickness and high efficiency.
          (5) body blades and food contact parts are made of materials that conform to national food specifications and are not contaminated with food.
          (6) meat cutting machine is easy to operate and convenient for users.
          Customer satisfaction is our affirmation, welcome you to purchase our products, we have always thought that you offer the product responsibility and has always insisted on doing so. Welcome to your visit.

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