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          The main components of vegetable cutting machine are rack, conveyor belt, pressure belt, slicing mechanism, speed regulating box or tower wheel speed regulating mechanism. The slice thickness can be freely adjusted in a certain range, and the vertical knife part can be processed into different shapes of different sizes, such as chunk, diamond, etc. The length of cutting vegetables can be adjusted within a certain range through "adjustable eccentric wheel". Because the vertical knife simulates the principle of manual cutting, the machined surface is smooth and smooth, and the molding rules are well organized. The vegetables are kept intact and fresh.


          The cutting machine adopts the half moon knife plate and the half moon adjustment plate structure, without changing the blade, only using different hopper, and the plate moving down switch can cut the wire or slice work. It is an ideal kitchen equipment for slicing and shredding vegetables such as radish, potatoes, yolan tou and sweet potato.
          As a kind of food machinery, the cutting machine often contacts with various kinds of materials and materials. These materials are acidic and alkaline. These chemicals will cause various degrees of corrosion to the main parts of the cutting machine and fruit and vegetable cleaning machine, especially in the dark and wet season. There are problems in parts and equipment, so we need to do the following:
          1. If you don't use vegetable chopper or fruit and vegetable cleaning machine for a long time, please place it in a dry and ventilated place.
          2, after each use, need to be cleaned in time to ensure cleanliness and safety. No food, material and residue.
          3, regularly lubricate key parts and screws. In view of the particularity of this food machinery, oiling can be lubricated with high quality olive oil.
          4, regular inspection of key parts, good maintenance, good machinery, no one careful maintenance, life will not be long after all.


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