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          In food processing factories and restaurant kitchens, frozen meat slicer is indispensable. Large pieces of hard-to-chew frozen meat can be cut into the thin slices we need without freezing. Craft processing slices are totally unnecessary in this process. The monotonous and heavy work has been completely replaced by machines. Our meat processing has changed. More convenient, science and technology to bring convenience to life, food industry as a sunrise industry, the prospect of fully active slicing machine is also very good.
          Slicers can not only be used to cut food without bone and frozen meat, but also some flexible food can be used to slice. Slices of meat can be cut into large, thin, even and common slices. After the slices are finished, the rolling effect is brought with it. When the machine runs, there will hardly be any noise. After the inspection of the consumer market, the frozen meat slicer is reflected when it runs. Safe and stable.
          內部還有主動磨刀的處理系統,磨刀能夠主動磨,愈加方便快捷,切片機結構緊湊,核心部件和拆除并隨時清洗,契合食物加工的衛生要求,獨創的雙軸設計, 切片時平穩耐用。假如想要運用切片機,首要要讓凍肉趕快凍結,溫度不能低于零下五攝氏度,值得一提的是凍肉切片機不能切任何帶有堅硬物體的肉,例如帶有骨頭的肉,不然可能危害刀片。

          There is also an active grinding system inside. The grinding tool can grind actively, which is more convenient and fast. The structure of the slicer is compact. The core parts are removed and cleaned at any time. It meets the hygienic requirements of food processing. The original two-axis design makes slicing stable and durable. If you want to use the slicer, the first thing is to freeze the frozen meat quickly. The temperature should not be lower than minus five degrees Celsius. It is worth mentioning that the frozen meat slicer can not cut any meat with hard objects, such as meat with bones, or it may endanger the blade.
          Frozen meat should be pressed with a pressure plate and set the required thickness. Before using the frozen meat slicer, the application requirements of the slicer should be considered. When using the frozen meat slicer, attention must be paid to daily machine maintenance, especially the temperature of frozen meat. Frozen meat that is too cold or too hot is not suitable for direct slicing. Only by maintaining the slicer properly can we make better use of it.
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