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          At present, there are many manufacturers selling vegetable cutters on the market. There are many varieties of vegetable cutters, but the quality of many similar or similar vegetable cutters is also uneven. In order to ensure that customers and friends can buy good quality and long-term usable vegetable cutters, today I give you a brief analysis of several points: the same type of vegetable cutter, especially the same type or the same type of vegetable cutter produced in a place, No. The quality and price are different from those of the manufacturer, and even much different from those of the manufacturer.
          Firstly, the quality of all the parts used in the same vegetable cutter is different. In order to save cost, some manufacturers make the spare parts of the machine better, so as to save cost and gain profits.
          1. The type and quality of stainless steel may not be seen by customers who don't understand the material of stainless steel. For those who know a little about stainless steel, they may be able to see at a glance whether they have magnetism or not from the color, the thickness of stainless steel plates.
          2. Motor is also a very heavy part. There are ordinary aluminium core motor and pure copper wire motor.
          3. Machine frame material, bearing material, and even power cord, etc. The price difference between the above parts can reach 500-1000 yuan.
          Second: the process of installation of multi-functional vegetable cutter is also very critical, do not feel that the quality of accessories are the same, the quality of the machine is the same, in fact, the process of installation of the machine is also very important, many types of vegetable cutters are very strict in the installation process, a little error may lead to the evenness of the machine cutting vegetable or the machine will show more faults or minor faults in the future. The root cause.

          1. At this time, it is very important for the experienced machine-maker of the company to reduce the rate of machine defects. In order to save personnel costs, some companies employ workers who are not skilled or experienced in machine-making. Many small details or inconsistencies are presented in the installation process, resulting in an increase in the rate of defects.
          2. The debugging process after the machine is completed is also crucial. It requires experienced quality inspectors to check the quality of the machine, and then pack and deliver the goods when repeated tests ensure that there is no problem at all. This will greatly reduce the situation of the machine showing problems in the hands of customers, but many irregular manufacturers, in order to save manpower and capital, have saved this link, or this link. Lack of attention will easily lead to the machine arriving at customers, debugging is not good, or the root cause of the machine is not working well.
          The above information is our slicer collation and publication hope to help you with our website is: http://www.elimoye.com!

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