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            Cleaning Process of Jujube Cleaner for Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner大棗的服用具備很高的營養成分,大部分人都很喜愛吃,經常被做為煲湯的食物。但是你曉得嗎,紅棗在晾曬的過程中,沾了很多“渣滓”在棗子表皮的皺褶中,隨意用水洗洗又怎樣能把它洗潔凈?假設是少量的我們能夠采用人工屢次清洗,但若是大量的呢?這時用得用到紅棗清洗機來發威了,當然紅棗清洗機也可用于家用,那么它是如何清洗紅棗的呢?
            Date has a high nutritional content. Most people like it very much. It is often used as food for soup. But do you know that in the process of drying, jujube is stained with a lot of "dregs" in the wrinkles of jujube epidermis. How can you wash jujube with water at will? Assuming a small amount, we can use manual repeated cleaning, but if a large number of it? At this time, the use of jujube washing machine to express prestige, of course, jujube washing machine can also be used for household use, so how does it clean jujube?
            The technological process of fresh-keeping jujube of jujube cleaning machine is as follows: raw material-selection-cleaning-blowing-drying-selection-lifting-oiling-grading. When working, the speed-regulating motor drives the mesh belt forward through the transmission part. At the same time, under the combined action of bubbling and rear jet propeller, the material can tumble and vibrate in water to achieve the purpose of cleaning.
            Operation of jujube cleaning machine:
            1. Preparations before cleaning
            1) Check whether the equipment has loose fasteners, whether the belt is intact and deviated, whether the mesh belt is disconnected, residual wire, deviated, whether the pump and foaming machine rotate normally, whether the spray can be smoothly, whether the electrical switch can be normal.
            2) Fill the circulating water tank and two bubble cleaners with clean water. And the filter screen device on the circulating water tank is set up well.

            2. Main Points of Start-up
            1) When starting the whole processing line, the first step is to turn on the beverage pump, which is button 9, 5 and 4 in turn. In the middle, stop and turn on in turn. After all the beverage pumps open normally, turn on the bubble cleaner, hair cleaner, and then turn on the vibrating cloth elevator to adjust the appropriate cutting speed.
            2) Consumption should often stop patrolling in the following areas: whether the vibrating cloth hoist can average the discharge, whether the spray pressure can be lacking, whether the supply of clean water can be sufficient.
            3. Stopping is also exquisite.
            Before shutting down the whole consumption line, the vibration cloth hoist, one-wash bubble cleaner, hair cleaning machine, two-wash bubble cleaner, and then the water inlet valve are shut down.
            After all the equipment shuts down, first turn on the drain valve to drain the water in the equipment. Secondly, the residual raw materials in the air bubble cleaning machine and the hair cleaning machine brush are cleared. Then the cylinder cavity is cleaned by high-pressure cleaning machine, and the filter screen of the cylinder body and circulating water tank is cleaned by hair removal. After closing the power supply of the equipment, press the emergency stop key.
            This is the end of the cleaning process of the jujube washing machine of fruit and vegetable cleaning machine. If you want to know more, please pay attention to our website.

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