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            Use and Operation of Small Chilli Cutting Machine切辣椒機其結構合理,自動切辣椒切塊機操作方便,干辣椒切塊機調整簡單,維修方便,干辣椒切割機價格低廉,全身封閉,減少現場及空氣粉塵,健康安全。磁性材料設備將混合材料的鐵,鐵很容易,提高刀具的使用壽命,減少干辣椒機器設備操作對兩人來說,方便和快速自動切辣椒部分機、切辣椒,胡椒,辣椒,切辣椒的大小由客戶自己定制的,是國內辣椒切成更專業的設備。
            The structure of the pepper cutter is reasonable, the automatic pepper cutter is easy to operate, the adjustment of the pepper cutter is simple, the maintenance is convenient, the price of the pepper cutter is low, the whole body is closed, the dust in the field and air is reduced, and the health is safe. Magnetic material equipment will mix materials of iron and iron easily, improve tool life, reduce the operation of dry pepper machine equipment for two people, convenient and fast automatic pepper cutting machine, cut pepper, pepper, pepper, pepper, cut pepper size customized by customers, is the most professional domestic pepper cutting equipment.
            The small pepper cutter is mainly composed of frame, conveyor belt, pressure belt and tower wheel speed regulating mechanism. Because the vertical knife simulates the principle of manual cutting of pepper, the surface of the cut pepper is smooth and the shape is regular.
            Product use
            The video cutting part of the chili pepper automatically cuts the material through two conveyor belts into the round knife set. The maximum material size is 500 mm. Cutting length can be customized according to user requirements.
            Small commercial pepper cutter has large output and simple operation. It can be equipped with automatic feeding elevator to save labor. The fuselage is made of stainless steel with fewer faults, convenient maintenance, long service life and high sanitation requirements.
            Product Safety Operation

            Place the machine in a horizontal working position to ensure that the machine is placed smoothly and reliably.
            Check the parts before use, whether the fasteners are loose during transportation, whether the switches and power lines are damaged during transportation, and take corresponding measures in time.
            3. Check whether there are foreign bodies on the rotating drum or conveyor belt. If there is any foreign body, it should be cleaned up in time to avoid damage to the tool.
            Ensure that the power supply voltage is consistent with the rated voltage of the unit. Connect the power line of the machine to the all-pole and disconnect the power supply at a long distance. Turn on the power. Press the "Open" button to check the steering. Otherwise, cut off the power supply and adjust the circuit.

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