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            How to use fruit and vegetable cleaner to clean vegetables on a large scale? In vegetable processing plants, the most common equipment should be the vegetable cleaning machinery. In the face of a large number of vegetables, the processing plants can not need manual cleaning. Today, some large vegetable processing plants are using mechanized assembly line operation. Using vegetable cleaning machine can not only clean more, but also cleaner. Operators in vegetable processing plants can improve the cleaning efficiency by controlling the correct cleaning methods. So, how to use cleaning machinery to clean vegetables on a large scale?
            Vegetable cleaning machinery in the soaking and cleaning section mainly stops soaking vegetables, stops preliminary cleaning for the dirt adhering to the surface of vegetables, and stops soaking for the more difficult to separate impurities, so that the immersion of sediment impurities in water becomes loose, in order to facilitate easy washing in the future cleaning process. At the beginning of the next stage, spray cleaning is stopped. In this stage, vegetables are conveyed by stainless steel wire woven conveyor belt, and the top and bottom rows of sprinklers stop washing. The main cleaning function is the upper row of sprinklers. The lower row of sprinklers mainly relies on the pressure of water to make the vegetables in a laminar flow state, so that all parts of the vegetables can be cleaned to reach a comparable good level. Cleaning effect. According to the different radiation pressure, water radiation can be divided into low-pressure water radiation, medium-pressure water radiation, high-pressure water radiation and ultra-high-pressure water radiation. In this cleaning machine, because the object of cleaning is leafy vegetables, we choose low-pressure water radiation to stop washing vegetables in both directions, remove sediment, microorganisms and local pesticide residues on the surface of vegetables, so as to achieve the purpose of vegetable cleaning.
            Correct Cleaning Method and Maintenance Technology of Vegetable Cleaning Machine
            1. Clean in time after each application. Ensure cleanliness and no residue of food and materials. Oil key parts and screw at intervals. Choose No. 20 oil. Ten drops per injection is appropriate.
            2. If the belt is found to be loose and slippery, the tightening bolt or the spring pressure should be adjusted to the proper position in time. The tension or pressure at both ends of the belt should be basically equal, otherwise the belt will run away.
            3. If the customer's output is large, it can be cleaned by linking up multiple sets, and the cleaning speed is fast. The cleaning speed of the cleaning machine is adjustable, and the motor adopts variable frequency speed regulating motor.
            Maintenance Technology of Vegetable Cleaning Machine
            4. Adjustment of Chains
            The adjustment is stopped after the motor stops. The chain is pressed by fingers between the two sprockets. The reduction is normal between 4 and 9 mm. Once it is worth exceeding the regulation, the inert wheel is adjusted to the regular tightness.

            5. On the Change of CVT
            In order to refuel and change the oil of stepless transmission gearbox, the first step is to stop the motor and strictly prohibit the removal of the oil plug under the condition of pyrotechnics. The amount of oil just flowed out is the appropriate amount, which should be supplemented in the absence of fireworks.
            6. Adjustment of belt
            When the motor is stopped, in the middle of the two pulleys, the compression of the belt with the fingers (middle finger and index finger) is 7-12 mm as the standard value. When the value is larger than the standard value, adjust the inert wheel to the regular tightness.
            7. We have not used custody for a long time.
            When we want to stop keeping them for a long time without using them, we can stop washing and wiping the clay and other objects in different parts. The debris attached to the turning parts, belts and chains should be completely removed and the turning parts and the friction active parts should be fully oiled to avoid the appearance of rust.
            How to use fruit and vegetable cleaner to clean vegetables on a large scale? In order to save water resources, the wastewater after cleaning should be recycled, disposed and reused. After cleaning, the main components of wastewater are mechanical impurities (mainly rotten vegetable leaves) and sediment. Mechanical impurities can be filtered through a filter, while sediment is colloidal mixed in the water. Removal of it requires special equipment.

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