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            For those who do not like hot food, it is normal to eat pepper in the daily diet, but it is easy to eat pepper, it always bothers to cut pepper, because pepper will make hands and eyes very uncomfortable, so how to prevent this problem?
            Whether you wear disposable or kitchen gloves, these are effective ways to prevent hot peppers. But when you put on gloves to cut chili peppers, your hands don't feel so good. It's easier to slip. Be careful.
            You don't need to use any tools, just in you, you put your finger on the pepper and gently put it, so you don't have much juice on your hand. If you pinch pepper with your nails too hard, the juice will enter your nails and cause burns on your hands.
            The hottest part of chili pepper is actually chili seeds, so before slowly cutting the chili pepper, carefully remove and wash the chili seeds, so that the chili pepper will not be so hot.
            Press the hand of the pepper on a little oil, which is equivalent to a protective film. Put the pepper juice on the hand. When washing the oil, it won't burn. But be careful that the oil is slippery, so be careful to hold the chili pepper.
            The easiest way to wash your hands is to use warm water. Warm water is near hot water. The key is to adapt to water temperature.
            The most basic solution is to use a chili cutter. If you can, you can buy one, so you don't have to worry about cutting chili peppers.
            Chili cutter
            Rub your hands with a little alcohol, then wipe them with a paper towel, or with alcohol cotton. If you care about its taste, you can wash it with water to cool it down. If it's still hot, you can wipe it several times.
            In life, vinegar can also be used to wipe hands, because vinegar is acidic, chili juice is alkaline, but acid and base will biochemical reaction, that is acid-base neutralization reaction.

            As mentioned earlier, chili juice is alkaline, so you can soak milk in your hands, because milk is rich in protein, which can alleviate the alkalinity of chili juice, thereby alleviating the heat of your hands.
            Don't wash your hands. Rub some flour on your hand and rub it back and forth. When flour is wrapped in your hands, wash it clean.
            The above is the related content of chili pepper cutter manufacturer for you. For more information, please visit the website: http://www.elimoye.com.

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