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            As the saying goes, laziness promotes invention and production. In order to liberate hands, all kinds of small inventions can be seen everywhere in today's life. Now let's focus on the vegetable washing machine, which can effectively kill bacteria and decompose pesticides. In recent years, the propaganda of the fruit and vegetable washing machine attracts people's eyes Ball, many people who are worried about the disabled have put their hopes on this small instrument.
            We found that there are two main types of fruit and vegetable cleaning machines in the market, namely ozone cleaning machine and ultrasonic cleaning machine.
            The ozone cleaning machine claims to produce highly oxidizing ozone through the generator, destroy the structure of some pesticides and degrade them.
            Relevant experts said that there are many kinds of pesticides and their properties are different. Ozone pesticides can only be used for pesticides that are easy to be oxidized. Moreover, the household ozone cleaning machine has a short time to produce ozone, a low concentration, and a short time to act on fruits and vegetables. The effect of removing agricultural residues is not as magical as what businessmen publicize. In addition, the household use of ozone cleaning machine may also cause indoor air pollution, too high concentration will stimulate human respiratory mucosa, causing headache.
            Ultrasonic cleaning machine, through high-frequency vibration, produces numerous tiny vacuoles and bubbles in the water, stripping and smashing the soil, lime soil, humus and other impurities attached to the surface of fruits and vegetables, and at the same time promoting the fall off of fat soluble components such as organic pesticides.
            Although the ability of ultrasonic cleaning machine to remove the dirt on the surface of fruits and vegetables is very good, at present, in the research of ultrasonic degradation of agricultural residues, the high-power ultrasonic treatment is needed for a long time, and only decontamination can be carried out in a short time at home. The effect of degradation of agricultural residues is not obvious. After the treatment of dichlorvos and other pesticides, there is even a rebound phenomenon, which may be caused by ultrasonic damage to the surface Skin cells, leading to pesticide infiltration. In addition, when the machine is working, the ultrasonic wave will cause vibration, cavitation and bubble burst of the machine, which will produce a lot of noise, and it is also a kind of pollution to the family.

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