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          切辣椒機是我公司的一種干辣椒加工設備。其結構合理,操作輕松,商用切辣椒機調整簡單方便快捷,大型切辣椒機價格可切辣椒段,辣椒圈,辣椒絲,維護方便,提高了滾刀的使用壽命,此設備為兩人操作,全自動切辣椒機切辣椒的尺寸由客戶自己定制,機體全封閉減少了場地和空中的粉塵,衛生安 全。商用切辣椒機磁性選料裝置將混入物料中的鐵屑、鐵末基本選出,是國內辣椒切段的設備。
          Pepper cutter is a kind of dry pepper processing equipment of our company. Its structure is reasonable, easy to operate, commercial hot pepper cutting machine adjustment is simple, convenient and fast, large-scale hot pepper cutting machine price can cut hot pepper section, hot pepper ring, hot pepper silk, convenient maintenance, improve the service life of the hob, this equipment is operated by two people, automatic hot pepper cutting machine cut hot pepper size customized by customers, the body is fully closed, reduce the dust in the field and air, health and safety. The magnetic material selection device of commercial hot pepper cutting machine basically selects the iron filings and iron powder mixed in the material, which is the domestic hot pepper cutting equipment.

          There are some elastic combing devices in the price of large-scale pepper cutter, which ensure that the comb teeth are close to the bottom of the hob groove at any time, expanding the space of the discharge port. The full-automatic pepper cutter can effectively remove the surplus materials and powder. The commercial pepper cutter can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers. First, turn the adjustable eccentric capsicum cutter to the bottom dead center, and then lift the cutter up 1-2mm. Compared with the plate comb, it is not easy to damage and the material is discharged smoothly.
          Automatic pepper cutter is not easy to hang on the comb. It is an ideal processing equipment for condiment factory, vegetable cleaning company, food processing factory, pepper processing field and individual processing household. The price of large-scale capsicum cutting machine is easy to operate, the price of large-scale capsicum cutting machine is easy to maintain, and the adaptability is strong, so that the vertical knife and conveyor belt can contact each other.
          Fix the vertical knife on the tool holder with the fastening nut of commercial pepper cutter, turn the adjustable eccentric wheel, and then tighten the adjusting screw after adjustment. Automatic pepper cutting machine you will use low price to buy a good quality machine, enjoy thoughtful service, welcome to inquire at any time!

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