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          膳食養分結構中,蔬果蔬菜是咱們身體必 須攝入的利于新陳代謝等的食物,可是在被咱們送入口中的這些果蔬,真的已經被完全洗潔凈了嗎?怎么確保咱們吃進去的反而或許成為致病的元兇。
          In the dietary nutrient structure, fruits and vegetables are the foods that our body must take in, which are conducive to metabolism. But have these fruits and vegetables really been washed clean? How to ensure that what we eat may become the culprit of disease.
          果蔬等食物的食物安 全容不得咱們視而不見,平時咱們水洗的方式關于果蔬的清潔處理未免顯得過于簡單,能被洗凈的也只是附著表面的粉塵,而附著的農藥殘存肉眼盡管看不見,可是存在感仍是很激烈的,人體一旦攝入過多的化學添加劑,極易導致患上心血管或是致癌的幾率上升,越來越多的消費者也逐漸注重起這個問題了,于是果蔬清洗機成為許多家庭必不可少的家電設備,同時也是不少食物行業的配套設備。
          The food safety of fruits and vegetables and other foods can't be ignored. Usually, the way we wash fruits and vegetables is too simple. What can be cleaned is only the dust on the surface. Although the pesticide remains invisible to the naked eye, the sense of existence is still very intense. Once the human body ingests too much chemical additives, the human body will not be able to see the pesticide residue, More and more consumers are paying attention to this problem, so the fruit and vegetable cleaning machine has become an essential household appliance for many families, and also a supporting equipment for many food industries.

          Fruit and vegetable cleaning machine is an important product in jujube, vegetable and aquatic product line. It is mainly suitable for cleaning and processing of various vegetables, fruits and vegetables. Its cleaning secret is to make full use of ozone sterilization. The oxidizability of ozone plays a great role in disinfection. It can stabilize pesticides, and the cations nearby can separate toxic heavy metal ions from water. In addition, ozone can eliminate peculiar smell, and the fruits cleaned by ozone can be stored for a longer time.
          The fruit and vegetable cleaning machine can ensure that all kinds of shape of fruits and vegetables can be cleaned and kept intact, such as apples, potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, taros, etc. any form of food cleaning is difficult to topple the vegetable cleaning machine, leaf or particle type is still with rhizome, even the fruits and vegetables buried in deep soil can be cleaned, which is suitable for the cleaning of all kinds of fruits and vegetables.
          Nowadays, the concept of diet has emphasized the importance of food intake and encouraged people to eat more fruits and vegetables. Therefore, more attention should be paid to the safety of food consumption. Otherwise, the intake of food is not only pure nutrients. After all, diseases come from the mouth, and the sanitation of food into the body needs fruit and vegetable cleaning machine, Trust no one wants to live, because of the lack of food safety awareness, it will eventually go bad.

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