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          1. Before installing the slicer, make sure that the power supply used has reliable public grounding grid, otherwise external grounding wire should be used to ensure reliable grounding;
          2. Before using the slicer, please read the instructions of the relevant products carefully;
          3. Before connecting the power supply, check whether the blade rotates freely and whether the meat table slides flexibly. If there is abnormal sound or stuck, do not turn on the power supply and contact the dealer or manufacturer in time;

          4. When using, please make sure that there is no ice or bone in the cut food, otherwise it will cause blade curling or blade gap, which will seriously affect the slicing effect and blade service life;
          5. The frozen beef and mutton must be thawed in the refrigerator 2 hours in advance, and then sliced at - 5 ℃. Otherwise, the meat pieces will be broken, cracked and broken, and the desired slicing effect will not be achieved. If it is serious, the blade will be nicked or stuck, the motor will be burned or the belt will be damaged.
          6. During the operation of the machine, do not touch the blade with hands or hard objects, and do not touch the meat remaining on the blade with hands or hard objects, so as to avoid personal injury and damage to the machine.
          7. Before cleaning, the power plug must be pulled out, and the thickness adjusting handle must be adjusted to "0" position at the same time; When cleaning, please use soft cloth, do not use chemical and abrasive articles, and do not use household articles (cleaning balls, brushes and other cleaning tools) that will damage the blade to clean the machine, otherwise it will damage the protective film of parts and cause food pollution; When cleaning, it is strictly forbidden to immerse the machine in water or wash it with water, otherwise it will lead to short circuit caused by electric water and endanger personal safety; After cleaning, please use a soft cloth to dry or dry in time before continuing to use.

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