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          Fresh meat slicer is a kind of food slicer, which is suitable for cutting boneless meat and other similar pickled vegetables with elasticity. It is a professional slicer for fresh mutton and beef. It can cut raw meat into pieces, such as fresh meat, frozen meat, cooked meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits, etc., with complete functions.
          High output, (3-6 times of ordinary slicer) one can replace 6-10 people. The cutting quality is good and the thickness can be adjusted evenly. Easy to use, flexible override, power saving, time saving, labor saving. Stainless steel material, durable, clean and sanitary, easy to clean. Unique appearance design, microcomputer intelligent override. The stainless steel body meets the requirements of food hygiene. Product features: mutton slicer, suitable for hot pot shops, restaurants, hotels and food processing workshops.

          The following explains the kitchen equipment in the use of mutton slicer, meat can not contain bones, so as not to damage the knife; And press it with the meat pressing board. Adjust the thickness knob to set the required thickness. Reasonable operation, pay attention to the use of some relevant knowledge, in order to avoid the damage of mutton slicer.
          1、 If you feel that the mutton slicer is unstable during the use of kitchen equipment, the screw hole on the machine can be fixed on the table for better use.
          2、 Fresh mutton skin using mutton slicer, fresh meat outward, one is good-looking, two is good cut without knife
          3、 If the phenomenon of sliding knife and not holding the meat appears after cutting several hundred jin continuously, it means that the blade of mutton slicer has stopped and should be sharpened.
          4、 When the mutton slicer is moving, it will deform the knife, which is an important point.

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