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          Nowadays, there are more and more kinds of mechanical equipment on the market, among which there are some high-precision mechanical equipment. Their appearance is the confirmation of scientific and technological progress. Slicer is a common kind of equipment now, and it should be lubricated on time when using it.
          There are many parts in slicer that need to be lubricated, and the lubricating medium used is also different, for example, the lubrication of its clutch, spring, sprocket tensioning device, back and forth moving parts, guide shaft, opening and closing mechanism, etc.

          The position block cam device and the main transmission chamber of the slicer need to be lubricated with oil, and the oil should be changed once a half year, which is determined by the clarity of the window oil; The angle divider is lubricated once every half a year; Air compressor lubrication, add once every three months.
          In addition to lubrication, in the use of it, but also pay attention to dust and cleaning, electrical failure. In addition to these, its oil change is also very important. To ensure the spacing between the four angles of the platform and the upper clean platform, only by maintaining the correct spacing can the machine operate normally.
          In the slicer slicing, but also pay attention not to get a lot of waste paper edge, paper wool into the chain drive parts, die-cutting part moving platform and some other rotating parts, in order to avoid causing operation failure, damage slicer, if in daily use it can not better maintenance machine, not only will increase the cost of maintenance machine, the damage to the machine is also great.

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