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          The instructions for the use of the slicer and the guarantee of slicing effect the outer package of the slicer is stainless steel, so we should pay special attention not to use too sharp or hard things to touch its surface in daily use, so as not to scratch it. If the slicer product needs to be cleaned after being used for a period of time
          The outer package of the slicer is stainless steel, so we should pay special attention not to use too sharp or hard things to touch its surface in order to avoid scratching. If it is necessary to clean the slicer products after a period of use, the staff should remove the fixed screws at the same time, so as to avoid danger or damage to the equipment when removing several screws.

          Also pay attention to the lubrication care of the slicer. Check its lubrication regularly. When adding lubricating oil, ensure that the amount of oil is sufficient, but not excessive. The staff shall clean up all residual materials inside the slicer in time after the end of each day's work. And pay attention to check the wear of the blade. If there is a problem, it should be repaired or replaced in time. In addition, it is better to clean up the work site and pay attention to cutting off the total power supply of the equipment.
          In short, when we use the slicer, we should not only operate according to the correct requirements, but also provide it with a safe and hygienic working condition and working environment as far as possible, so as to ensure that the working performance of the slicer can be brought into full play.
          In addition, in order to achieve good cutting effect, it is also necessary to do relevant adjustment work, and replace the worn blade in time to achieve cutting effect. When adjusting, first loosen the nut fixing the copper column, and then rotate the nut to adjust the thickness direction on the copper column. After the thickness is adjusted properly, the nut and the copper column must be tightened.
          When replacing the blade of the slicer, it is necessary to insert the hexagonal handle into the hole on the side of the slicer, turn the wheel direction, and then change the blade; When changing the knife, loosen the two hexagon screws of the blade and insert the blade for replacement to ensure the smooth completion of the slicing effect.

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