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          In modern society, there are a wide range of goods, and there are many times when fish's eyes are mixed with pearls. If informal manufacturers, salespeople and other people can't distinguish the quality of goods at all. As a formal manufacturer of pepper cutting machine, Xiaobian feels it necessary to teach you how to distinguish and select a good pepper cutting machine.
          There are the following precautions:

          1、看板材,好的切辣椒機,一定是用全304不銹鋼面板做成的,如何區別是不是304不銹鋼,網上也有很多文章大家可以去研究研究,會看光澤度和韌性是非常重要的,304的光澤度不是很高,有點發灰發暗的感覺,韌性是很剛強的,非常的堅硬,還有一點可以辨別的就是用手指頭彈一下版面,如果這個切辣椒機的面板是用304做的話 ,會聽到當當當的聲音,而不是304不銹鋼的話,一般是咚咚咚的聲音,此外,還有個可以分辨的方法,準備一點食用油,在面板上澆下去,304不銹鋼的話,是無拖掛的。
          1. Look at the plate. A good pepper cutting machine must be made of full 304 stainless steel panel. How to distinguish whether it is 304 stainless steel or not? There are many articles on the Internet. You can study it. You will see that the gloss and toughness are very important. The gloss of 304 is not very high, it feels gray and dark, and the toughness is very strong and very hard, Another thing that can be distinguished is to flick the layout with your fingers. If the panel of the pepper cutting machine is made of 304, you will hear the sound of Dangdang, rather than 304 stainless steel, which is generally the sound of Dongdong. In addition, there is another distinguishable method. Prepare some edible oil and pour it on the panel. If 304 stainless steel is used, there is no dragging.
          Remember, only 304 pepper cutting machine is a good pepper cutting machine!
          2. Listen to the sound of the motor. When buying the pepper cutting machine, the merchant will generally turn on the power supply for testing. At this time, you can pay attention to whether the sound of the motor is crisp. If it is not crisp, it indicates that there is a problem with the motor. It is possible that the rotor lubrication is poor.
          3. Look at the conveyor belt, a good pepper cutting machine. The conveyor belt is made of PTE material, otherwise it will cause repeated pollution to the food materials transmitted above. Even the conveyor belt of pepper cutting machine made of inferior materials used by some inferior merchants will lead to food poisoning. Therefore, we must be careful. The method of distinguishing is also very simple, which is one word: smell! Generally speaking, if there is no smell, there will be no problem. If there is a smell, you must not buy it. Maybe the merchant told you that the conveyor belts of all pepper cutting machines have smell, but please believe that he is lying to you! A good material can't have taste.
          The above is the knowledge brought to you today. The pepper cutting machine has focused on the industry for many years and continuously provides users with valuable content. Please continue to pay attention to us for more content: http://www.elimoye.com/

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