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          1. Operation rules:
          1、 使用前,擦拭機器,面對切片機,先將載物臺移至更右邊,漏出加油口,向其中加5滴油,多次橫向載物臺,使潤滑油均勻分布。
          1, wipe the machine before use, face the slicing machine, move the loading platform to the far right first, leak out the filling port, add 5 drops of oil to it, and cross the loading platform many times, so that the lubricating oil is evenly distributed.
          2、 調節切割厚度,先將厚度調至更大,再調至需要厚度;調好后將夾具打開,放入物料,夾實,并落下重錘。
          2, adjust the cutting thickness, first the thickness to the maximum, then adjust to the required thickness; after the adjustment, the fixture is opened, put into the material, pinch, and drop heavy hammer.
          3、 開機檢查:檢查刀片上是否有異物,檢查刀具護板是否蓋實,檢查磨刀砂輪是否遠離刀片。
          3, open the machine check: check whether there is a foreign object on the blade, check the cutting tool plate or not, check whether the grinding wheel is far away from the blade.
          4、 檢查無誤后,接通電源,打開開關,讓其自動運轉,操作員不能遠離設備,以防發生意外。

          4. After the inspection is unmistakable, the power supply is switched on and the switch is opened to make it run automatically. The operator can not stay away from the equipment to prevent accidents.
          5、 結束后,先關閉開關,斷電,取下廢料及半成品,打開刀具護板,將刀片及載物臺清理干凈(小心刀片鋒利)。
          5, after closing, turn off the switch first, cut off the electricity, remove the waste and semi-finished products, open the cutter guard plate, clean up the blades and the loading platform (be careful of razor blades).
          Two. Precautions
          1, turn the opponent wheel to the highest position and rotate the handwheel to stop the handle. Meanwhile, both the specimen clip and the handwheel are locked.
          2, the cutting blade is processed directly from the tool holder, and then placed in the knife box.
          3. Remove the specimen directly from the specimen folder.
          4. Cleaning the sliced chips on the slicer.
          5, the last is to clean the whole machine for the slicer.
          Note: when we use the knife, must be very careful, because the blade is very sharp, if misuse of words will cause serious harm, can not directly hand to touch cutting blades, nor can be arbitrarily misplacing blade.
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