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          Mutton slicer is a food slicer, the most suitable for cutting without bone or other similar flexible food with mustard, frozen lamb, frozen beef slicer professional, the raw materials of the meat into meat, meat slice thickness equalization, automatic rolling machine has good effect, low noise, excellent stability of machine operation the.
          Frozen meat slicing machine is one of the essential items of our hotel kitchen, can help us put meat food processing into the required sheet. Slicing machine almost completely replaced the traditional manual operation, slicing help us producers to complete these the dull as ditch water is extremely convenient, our daily life. Their appearance is the beautiful crystallization of our human intelligence, which has provided great help to our production and life, and has shared a lot of work for us. They are our good helpers. Therefore, we need and need to promote their development.

          First, if the mutton slicer is unstable during use, a screw hole on the machine can be fixed on the table for better use.
          Second, you must make the skin galantine toward using mutton slicer, meat out is good-looking, two is good to cut with a knife.
          Third, if a few hundred catties are cut, the skating knife and the meat can not be held in the mouth show that the blade of the mutton slicer should be worn and the knife should be grinded.
          Fourth, it is the most important point that the knife can not be moved to the left (the direction of the meat) when the mutton slicer moves, so that the knife will be deformed.
          The above is the sharing of today's shredding slicing machine. Are you satisfied? Welcome to our website: http://www.elimoye.com and pay attention to our products. We will provide you with excellent products and sincerely cooperate with you.

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